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Who knew sales would involve so much math?

Beating quota can be hard enough without any guesswork. Be honest, how many times have you stressed out over a calculator, trying to figure out how far behind or ahead you are that month?

That’s not the work you signed up for.

We worked with Ryan Reisert to bring you a tool that makes everything easier.

Save it to your desktop, because you’ll be using this one a lot.

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How does it work?

You can use our SDRMath tool to:

  • Make sales scientific by tracking the metrics your quota depends on: dial to connect rate, meeting show rate, conversion to meeting rate, working days per month, and more.
  • Break your monthly targets down into productive days, and book meetings with greater consistency.
  • Use reliable data to improve your own sales performance.

We want salespeople to spend more time making sales.

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