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The Sales Leader's Guide To Scaling A Sales Strategy

Hey Sales Leaders 👋 

Here’s your pocket guide to scaling a sales strategy in the new normal! To save you learning lessons the hard way, we’ve put the heads of 5 top sales leaders together. Our experts share actionable insights on how to navigate the sales journey and build a predictable and scalable revenue engine.

The Sales Leader’s Guide to Scaling a Sales Strategy BANNERS V1 FINAL-02

What’s inside?

Over the course of this guide, you can expect to learn:

  • Create a scalable outbound model
  • Fill pipeline with quality opportunities
  • Align sales and marketing
The Sales Leader’s Guide to Scaling a Sales Strategy BANNERS V1 FINAL-04
Section #1

The secret formula for setting B2B sales goals

We asked our revenue team how they unlocked the secret to consistent revenue growth. Learn how they built a formidable sales engine at Cognism.

Section #2

How to level up your sales strategy

Our experts address the importance of TAM and share actionable insights on how to build pipeline and speed up the B2B sales cycle.

Section #3

How to align sales and marketing
(and simplify the buyer’s journey)

We share key insights on aligning your B2B sales process to the buyer’s journey as well as syncing up with marketing.