The No Stone Unturned Guide to Sales Strategy

Over the last 10 years, improvements in internet speeds and technology have sparked a revolution in sales. Contact data can be sourced at the click of a button.

There’s now a whole host of tools that make sales faster, but it can be difficult to navigate this new landscape. This guide explains how to build a sales strategy that maps how you achieve success in sales.


What’s inside?

Over the course of this guide, you can expect to learn:

  • How to set, meet and exceed sales goals.
  • How to build and maintain a strong sales pipeline.
  • Practical cold calling tips, scripts, templates and cadences.
  • Advice for structuring a winning outbound team.
  • The metrics and tools to power your strategy.
Introducing the B2B Sales Process Handbook BANNERS V1 FINAL-04
Section #1

The B2B Sales Process

We asked our revenue team for their insights: how did they build a formiddable sales engine at Cognism?

Section #2

Outbound tactics & performance

Cognism's sales experts dive into qualifying leads, cold calling, lead nurture, pain points and more.

Section #3

Sales metrics & tech

We outline the key metrics you should be tracking, reporting and iterating on, alongside the best in B2B sales tech.