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The Blueprint

This isn’t your average Blueprint.

The Cognism Blueprint contains valuable insights into the outbound strategy we adopted to help us go from $10 million to $50 million ARR in under 2 years.

And the onboarding process we use to ramp new hires 37% faster than the industry average.

Now our proven frameworks, tactics and templates are all yours - free to access directly from the Blueprint.


The Blueprint embodies our journey to $50 million ARR. It showcases the systems and processes we implemented to build a predictable revenue engine.


There isn’t a one size fits all approach to building a predictable revenue engine. But we can at least provide sales leaders with a roadmap to help them get there.


We’ve collated our insights, tactics and templates in one place. So when it comes to refining elements of your sales process, you have a Blueprint to work off.

Deep dive into the Blueprint

Hiring and Ramping
Outbound Strategy
Commission Plans
High-impact Coaching
How to Hire & Ramp Your Sales Team Effectively
Deep dive into our hiring process and unlock the tactics our sales leaders use to ramp new hires 37% faster than the industry average.
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How to Structure Your Outbound Strategy
Learn about the systems and outbound model we used on our journey to $50 million ARR. We’ll also show you the performance indicators we tracked to measure this growth.
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How to Forecast Predictably & Accurately
Learn about our end-to-end process for forecasting accurately. We cover everything from how our sales leaders undertake pipeline reviews, identify deals at risk and measure pipeline health.
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How to Build a Winning Commission Structure
We share best practices and examples from our past and present comp plans. You’ll also learn how to effectively build your comp plans in a way that will keep your reps focused on bringing quality into the pipeline and pushing for multi-year deals.
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Coaching Techniques to Maximise Team Productivity & Potential
Unlock our playbook to high-impact coaching. We’ll show you how to identify the reps you need to invest time in coaching and share a proven framework to ensure the coaching you put in place has a positive impact on revenue.
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