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Beyond the Sales Floor

In this series, join Morgan J Ingram on his quest to unpack some of the highest performing sales blueprints out there.

Each week, he'll be interviewing top enterprise sales leaders to unpack the elements that make their sales engines so successful.

Delivered by enterprise sales leaders - for enterprise sales leaders.

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Season 1

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Dan Drucker
VP of National Sales and Marketing at Canon Business Process Services
We're seeing the most success with outbound email, using intense-specificity. We're super focused on a single problem they're facing, and a single outcome they need.
Matt Reuter
Senior Director of Sales Development at RealPage, Inc.
Everyone wants to be really good at email. But there's so much noise that happens there. Picking up the phone and building a connection with someone is key to breaking through that noise. That's the secret to generating $130m in pipeline.
Carson V. Heady
Social Selling Lead at Microsoft
We've developed a grid or framework in order for us to get very targeted with our prospecting - called plays that get you paid. We create specific outreach content that resonates with these customers.
Alli MacManus
Global Revenue Enablement Manager at Demandbase
If your sales training isn't sticking, focus on peer-based coaching. It helps with retention. Choose one peer and have them demo something new to their peers!
Khris Fenton
VP of Sales Development and Partnerships at Altrata
The biggest challenge with video is getting people to actually click a link. We're running an experiment right now called permission based videos - we've seen an increase from 5-10% to 45% reply rate.
Brooke Coletti
Sr Partner Enablement Manager at Amazon Web Services
When it comes to onboarding and enabling new reps, something I’ve found to be important is making sure that we stay with the company model. So, if your company is moving from virtual to hybrid, then your onboarding should also align with that.

Season 2

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Ryan Byrnes
Mid-Market Sales Leader at Calm
It's important to add value add touchpoints across the deal cycle, without asking for much in return. We do this through 'thinking of you' emails.
Grace Chuang
Director of Sales Development at Databricks
I'm focusing on how our BDRs can have an impact further down the funnel. How can they impact deals in terms of the size and getting them to close - quicker?
Alex Ball
VP of Sales & GTM at Twilio Flex
We're going back to the fundamentals - everyone in our team is going through an academy as a way to refocus on core topics e.g. the product or the elevator pitch. I'm also working with my team to understand the best way to tackle tapping into an account.
Emerald Maravilla
Director of Sales Development at Snowflake
I'm thinking about how many meetings I complete with other leaders, every week.
Kyle Asay
VP at MongoDB
We're using unstructured data across different forums and socials, as a way to understand who is talking about Mongo DB. This helps us to prioritise the accounts to go after.
David Katz
VP of Corporate Sales at HubSpot
We have a segment of the team just focused on the larger, more complex customers. The experience we’ve been able to provide to these customers has been on content they’ve wanted all along.

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