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What’s buying a T-shirt and buying B2B software got in common?

Not much, as it turns out.

Sales experience platform, Walnut, decided to tell the story…

B2B buyers put up with a lot, too much really.

We’ve all been there. The B2B buying process can be incredibly tedious. 

Walnut’s #weareprospects campaign set out to turn the tide.

The idea 💡

Walnut is a SaaS sales experience platform - its software allows you to create personalised product demos.

But the mission set by Walnut’s founders is to simplify the B2B sales process.

Adir Ben-Yehuda, VP Sales at Walnut, explains:

“I know we’re all saying it’s only business, but let’s face it, sales is personal. Not only because losing a deal can be soul-crushing at times. But also because each prospect is an individual, essentially just looking for their own solution. And resolve their pain points as quickly as possible.”

“That’s why it’s important to make the sales process as individualised and personalised as possible. Putting the customer first is the most important thing.”

This is where #weareprospects comes in.

The campaign’s goal is to put the buyer back in the spotlight.


The Vision 👀

According to Walnut:

“Buying software is a pain in the (s)ass for every prospect. The process is long, often unpersonalized, and ridiculously complex.” 

“We launched the #WeAreProspects movement to invite companies that help improve the prospect experience to offer their service to anyone, all in one place. And with special discounts. Because Walnut is love.”

Walnut fundamentally believes that something is broken in the sales experience. 

It’s too sales-focused! 

Emmanuel Cohen, VP Marketing at Walnut, told us:

“It’s a pain for both sellers and buyers. If you improve the buyer experience, you improve your sales. It’s a win-win.”

What was the genesis of this campaign?

Walnut’s CEO, Yoav Vilner, suggested the “we are prospects” movement and Emmanuel wrote a video script.

The question he asked was:

“What would happen if you go to buy a shirt and they sell it to you like software? It’s ridiculous but funny.”

Emmanuel’s philosophy is to appeal to emotions through humour. Often, something is funny because it’s relatable.

Satire is the mechanism! You take something true and exaggerate it, creating a weird parallel.

He explained:

“I believe in psychology a lot. I think people make decisions mostly based on emotion.”

“The B2B, Linkedin, and SaaS worlds are a bit dry. We love adding a touch of humour. A smart joke will make you laugh; If you connect, you’re half the way there.”

Emmanuel understood that many other companies in the field share the same vision.

But so far, nobody had taken a stand.

Walnut partnered with like-minded companies. The goal was to create consensus in the SaaS industry.

Here’s what the other companies in the campaign provided:

  • Why they joined the movement.
  • What’s their vision.
  • What the product does.
  • A special offer for those coming from “we are prospects”.

This is the brilliant “we are prospects” landing page. Every company keeps their leads. 

Check out the donate button for an easter egg 🥚

Emmanuel thinks brand is ignored too often in B2B. Walnut is pioneering this category.

He believes that doubling down on brand from day one is a must. 

Emmanuel explained:

“You want to have a memorable identity. You want to have something to say. The stronger brand always wins.”

“Take Gong, for example. They went full power on the brand - it put them a few steps ahead of the competitors.”


The Results

Video views on LinkedIn
total video views
new strategic partners
engagement across social media
Video views on LinkedIn
total video views
engagement across social media
new strategic partners

The campaign certainly caused a stir within the B2B SaaS community.

Just search for #weareprospects on Linkedin. You’ll find pages and pages of results and depth of conversation. What about brand impact?

Well, the likes of HubSpot, Vidyard, Dooly,, Outplay and G2 all got involved.

Emmanuel told us:

“We launched the campaign with some partners. We never imagined that HubSpot would reach out and be like, we want in.”

And that’s not all…

G2’s CMO, Amanda Malko, showed the video at SaaStock and praised Walnut.

Emmanuel reflected on the campaign:

“I consider it to be a success on many metrics. Mainly on more of a philosophical level. We put the finger on an important pain. Having a cause to fight for gives you drive and motivation. Both within the company and externally.”

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