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This Is How You Do It

In 1995, American R&B singer-songwriter Montell Jordan released “This Is How We Do It”, the lead single from his debut album of the same name. The song was a multi-platinum selling hit, reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and remaining there for seven consecutive weeks.

It later earned Jordan a Grammy Award nomination. In 2021, Jordan teamed up with Trainual, the employee learning management platform. Together they released a remix of his 90s hit, retitled “This Is How You Do It”.

How did this musical marketing mashup come about?

The idea 💡

The genesis of this exciting project stemmed from when Trainual was first launched - as its CMO Jonathan Ronzio explains:

“Since launching Trainual, we joked that ‘This Is How We Do It’ was basically the Trainual theme song. Essentially, that’s what our customers are using Trainual for - telling their teams, this is how we do it here. AKA, ‘here are our processes for keeping our business running smoothly.’”

So Montell Jordan’s song fitted in with Trainual’s company mission, and crucially, its audience. Trainual’s marketing team identified its ICP as being:

Entrepreneurs and small business leaders with 10-100 employees who grew up in the 80s and 90s.

Trainual was already courting a millennial audience - the same people who would feel nostalgic about “This Is How We Do It” and remember when it was first released.

There was another factor at play. “This Is How We Do It” had become a popular trend on TikTok, meaning that Montell Jordan and his music were being rediscovered by younger generations, too.

All this led to Jonathan and his team reaching out to Jordan to explore the idea of a collaboration.

“We discovered that Montell was on Cameo. We booked some time with him, originally to record a fun shoutout for the team, but with the idea that we could build a relationship with him. We had some follow-up calls and that’s when we talked about working together.”


The Vision 👀

Once Trainual and Jordan had agreed on creating a new version of “This Is How We Do It”, Jonathan devised some musts for the campaign:

  • It had to be cool, fun and relevant. 
  • It had to be evergreen, not single-use.
  • It had to be a legit track, not a Trainual jingle.

Jonathan expressed his vision like so:

“Let’s write and produce a brand new track that leans into the nostalgia and leverages the recognisability of Montell’s classic, but that feels fresh at the same time.”

Or in other words:

“This song should just be a freaking JAM that people would actually want to listen to.”

Trainual also set some goals for the campaign:

  • It had to drive massive brand awareness.
  • It had to maximise its promotional partnerships.
  • It had to bring attention to Trainual’s Playbook event launch in Q3 2021.

However, before recording and filming could begin, some tweaks had to be made to the song. Back to Jonathan:

“The original ‘This Is How We Do It’ only works in association with the Trainual value prop in its title and chorus hook. The rest of the song doesn’t really align with the aspirations and struggles of our small business audience.”

It took Montell and Jonathan two weeks to rewrite the track, changing the original lyrics to make them fit with Trainual’s brand values. “This Is How You Do It” was born!

Then the team decamped to a studio in Brooklyn, where they recorded the song and filmed the music video. The song was released on streaming platforms and the video premiered on Jordan’s own YouTube channel.

Beyond the song and video, Trainual created other campaign assets, including:

  • TV commercials and online ads.
  • A campaign photoshoot featuring Montell Jordan and US investor and TV personality Daymond John.
  • TikTok videos and Instagram reels.
  • A behind-the-scenes video.

The Results 📈

“This Is How You Do It” was activated across a wide range of channels. It appeared everywhere on digital, from Spotify, iTunes and YouTube to Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn.

Trainual arranged for TV and print ads to be released. The song was advertised alongside Montell Jordan and featured on airport digital banners and played at sporting events. In a neat bit of brand synergy, Jordan performed the track live at Trainual’s Playbook event.

In total, the campaign generated:


song streams
Spotify playlist adds
views from 69 TikTok creators
song streams
views from 69 TikTok creators
Spotify playlist adds

It was also a Shorty Awards finalist in the Business to Business category.

Trainual gained some more tangible results from the campaign:

  • 5k+ Playbook event attendees - double the attendance from the previous year.
  • 57% organic traffic increase to (from 2 months after the campaign went live).
  • All this funnelled into 600+ new Trainual accounts during the campaign life cycle.

Why is this campaign such a good example of unboring B2B marketing? As Jonathan said:

“Making this was some of the most fun we’ve ever had.”

And that sense of fun translates to the viewer. Trainual made something awesome and it happened to be good marketing.

Looking at the video’s YouTube comments confirms this. Most people praise the track and like it on its own merits. Trainual is almost a hidden element in its own campaign; most viewers either aren’t aware that the song is promoting a brand, or they don’t much care either way.

Jonathan summed up his thoughts on the project:

“Modern marketing is about the brand - brand resonance and relevance. Your brand is your reputation, and your reputation drives revenue.”



“The commercial videos will serve their purpose and drive awareness that leads to more immediate growth. But those will have a shelf life.”

“The song? The one that subtly contains the core sentiments of the Trainual brand story, product value prop, and customer motivations? That’s evergreen.”

Jonathan noticed that the song began to have a life beyond Trainual and this specific campaign.

“We’ve already seen kids playing hoops, dance tutorials, and moms jamming out to it. None of which have to do with running a business. And we love that!”

Jonathan shared some lessons from the campaign and why being unboring in B2B marketing is so important.

“B2B marketers today should strive to find ways to resonate within people’s lives outside of work.”

“What can you do to show up where you’re least expected but still be welcome there? Can you be additive, not interruptive? Will you be just another work app, or will you enter the cultural consciousness?”

“Those are the kind of questions you should be asking when it comes to brand campaigns.”


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