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The 3 Secrets to CMO Success
(in B2B SaaS)

Content. Campaigns and Demand Gen. Performance marketing. These are the three pillars that prop you up as CMO. So keeping them balanced is vital.  To do that, you need formidable plans. You need a laser-focus on metrics. And you need the flexibility to test and iterate.

In this eBook, Cognism's CMO, Alice de Courcy outlines the secrets to her success in the role to date. 

The 3 Secrets to CMO Success (in B2B SaaS)

What’s inside?

In this playbook, Alice reveals:

  • How to measure content 
  • Best practices on messaging, tone of voice, and social channels
  • Actionable tips on hiring growth-focused marketers 
  • Tactics and key metrics behind Cognism's most successful campaign channels 
  • How to generate demand through paid activities 
The 3 Secrets to CMO Success (in B2B SaaS) BANNERS V1 FINAL-04
Section #1


Content is made up of all Cognism's organic activities. This includes the demand driven through SEO and brand-building activity on social media. So how is this measured and tracked back to revenue?

Section #2

Campaigns & Demand Generation

Here we look at what goes in to building a demand generation team, numbers they should own and metrics they should track. Now let's take you under the hood of what they work on...

Section #3

Performance Marketing

The most important thing any CMO can have in their locker is an in-house, performance-driven marketer. Understanding all the intricacies and levers of each paid channel is vital if you’re going to find repeatable and sustainable success in paid.

Section #4

Reporting to the board

As CMO, you’re likely to be reporting performance to the board as well. For this, you need to understand other key metrics such as CAC. Let's take a look at how we break this down.