The Sales Enablement Playbook

High-performance sales can be hard. With the correct steps before - and throughout - the B2B sales process, it can truly enable a predictable revenue model and fuel the growth of your business. In this comprehensive playbook we unpack the best tactics, processes and advice for enabling B2B sales.

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What’s inside?

What you'll learn: 

  • The 6 qualities of a successful sales leader
  • Why your salespeople aren't reaching their full potential
  • 5 sales management pain points (and how to solve them)
The Outbound Prospecting Playbook
Section #1

Management plays

Get the tactics you need to take your reps' performance out of the stratosphere this year, learning from the likes of Mark Kosoglow, Sam Nelson, Molly Grossman, Ben Riall, Adam Buttaro, and the finest sales minds at Cognism.

Section #2

Hiring Hacks

"It’s important to differentiate between people who just want money, and people who have a money-dependent goal. If they’re just after money, they’re likely to burn out faster."

Section #3

Tech stack tips

We asked our 3 Sales Directors - Jonathon Ilett, David Bentham, and Nancy Newman - for their thoughts on the best B2B sales tools on the market right now. These 15 tools cover everything from productivity, communication, analytics and lead generation.