Are you a revenue leader? This one is for you....

It's absolutely vital to look at past performance when making business decisions. 
Knowing how to allocate your resources for the year ahead could prove the difference between success or failure.
With that said, we're here to provide you with the results to our latest Research Report! We've worked with Leadfeeder, Turtl and Reachdesk to gather top industry insights.
Check out our findings below πŸ‘‡
Sales marketing 2021 survey report  V1 FINAL-04-2

What’s inside?

What you'll find: 

  • Sales and Marketing Overview for the past year
  • What drove lead gen in 2020 
  • Where Events budgets went as a result of COVID-19
  • The massive role that content marketing played in 2020
  • Personalisation to look forward to in 2021 
Sales marketing 2021 survey report  V1 FINAL-02
Section #1


We're asking burning questions about the marketing that happened in 2020. Where did events budgets go and where can you expect marketing budgets to reach in 2021? Read now to find answers to these questions!

Section #2

Lead Generation

We spoke to a large number of professionals working in B2B revenue teams to find out what worked for them regarding lead generation in 2020. Find out which channel is the best for booking meetings, or which channels were top performers for acquiring leads and more.

Section #3


We analyse the role that content had to play during the last year of marketing. Find out what respondents agree is their biggest content priority, as well as the places where marketers and salespeople are most likely to consume their content.

Section #4


We like to think of 2020 as the year of the Webinar. This is no surprise thanks to COVID-19, as many in-person events were hosted online. Find out what happened to events marketing budgets in 2020 and if virtual events were truly successful or not.

Section #5


Learn about responses to questions surrounding personalisation in content marketing. We analyse the trend for 2021 and discuss the level of difficulty of creating personalisation at scale.

Chapter #6


Learn what's on the horizon for 2021 and our joint predictions for the year to come.