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Frame The Way You Scale
A RevOps Guide

So a business is looking to deliver visibility across the entire revenue team, improve efficiency across the revenue process, and achieve revenue growth. Well there's a name for it - it's called RevOps! 
We spoke to Ruth Oyeyiola, our very own Revenue Operations Analyst. Her insights will give you everything you need to know about implementing a winning RevOps strategy.

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What’s inside?

  • How to kickstart your RevOps framework 
  • The path to achieving clean, consistent and complete data 
  • Actionable tips to align teams across the whole business 
  • Common challenges you'll face in RevOps and how to overcome them 
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Section #1

Kickstart your RevOps Framework

Ruth Oyeyiola, our very own Revenue Operations Analyst shares her insights on implementing a winning RevOps strategy. In this section Ruth goes back to basics and covers skills and key steps to get you started.

Section #2

Data: Your single source of truth

Read up on the the steps you need to take to achieve clean, consistent and complete data. We've even thrown in a few tools that can help you get there.

Section #3

Aligning your teams

One of RevOps main goals is to combine and align teams across the business. But how do you encourage collaboration and alignment? We've got you covered 👉

Section #4

RevOps: Key challenges

Ruth addresses the common challenges you'll face in RevOps and provides actionable advice on how to overcome them.

Section #5

Closing thoughts: How to excel at RevOps

RevOps is a fairly new concept, so if you want to excel at it you need to network, do your research and commit to continuous learning!