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A new prospecting landscape: arm your sales reps to thrive

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Kristapor Giragosian

Chief Americas Officer,


Alex Olley

Alex Olley



Matthew Choinski

Matthew Choinski

Sales Team Lead


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In this new remote world, where LinkedIn is the new subway, jam-packed and hard to get noticed, how are you enabling your team to build pipeline and hit quota?

In this live session we revealed the processes, cadences, workflows, and tactics that are keeping our sales team busy, and our CEO happy.

In this live broadcast we discussed:

šŸ¤ Tactics for cold outreach and what approaches are working right now

šŸ“ List building with the right intelligence

šŸ˜² The big reveal: the ultimate game changer for your reps

šŸ§° Arm your sales rep with the right tech stack

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