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Prospecting in the new normal

‘Business as usual’ seems a very distant memory, we are now living in a ‘new normal’. Companies of all sizes are having to make huge changes to the way they work, and prospecting is no exception.

A month into our new reality and we have started to see some promising results from our outbound team’s efforts to adapt their methods. In March our team booked 210 meetings, an increase of 17% from the previous month, and saw an uplift in meetings attended of 30%. In addition to this uplift in meetings, the team saw a shift to a shortened sales cycle, with 7 opportunities created and closed won in the month of March.

So what changes have we made to bring about these results? We discuss this and more in this webinar.

In this on-demand broadcast, we'll discuss:

  • Lead generation best practices, including tips & tricks that remain fundamental, even now
  • How to make up for cancelled or postponed events
  • A live demo of Cognism's Prospector platform

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