The outbound prospecting playbook

Outbound prospecting can be hard. But, when done well, it can form the foundation of a predictable revenue model and can fuel the growth of your business. In this comprehensive playbook we unpack the best tactics, processes and advice for building a predictable outbound machine.

The Outbound Prospecting Playbook

What’s inside?

What you'll learn: 

  • Identifying your TAM and calculating it
  • How to cold call well
  • The art of the outbound email
  • Social selling 
  • Templates for cadences that convert
The Outbound Prospecting Playbook
Section #1

Defining your ideal customer

Before you can start outbound prospecting, you need to know who you’re going to target. Here we show you how to develop your Ideal Customer Profile.

Section #2

What is TAM and how to calculate it

Now you have your ICP you need to work out how many of your ideal customers are available to you. Here we look at how you can calculate this for your business.

Section #3

Everything you need to know about cold calling

For most SDRs, the number one outbound prospecting activity is cold calling. It’s also one of the hardest to master. So we've covered this for you in this section.

Section #4

Motivating your outbound team

Cold calling can be a very challenging activity. Studies have shown that only 2.5% of cold calls are effective.How can you keep your outbound prospecting team motivated?

Section #5

How to write outbound emails that convert

Three SDRs from Cognism’s outbound prospecting team share their advice on crafting outbound emails. Plus, they delved into their inbox analytics and gave us their most successful messages.

Section #6

How to stay out of spam

You can’t do your job as an SDR if your outbound emails keep ending up in your prospect’s spam folder! So here we tackle how to stay out of spam.

Section #7

Social selling: LinkedIn

Social media is another major outbound prospecting channel. We've outlined the steps to take to prospect effectively on LinkedIn - steps which will help you transform LinkedIn into a B2B lead gen powerhouse.

Section #8

The ultimate outbound prospecting cadence

Cognism’s Inside Sales Director, David Bentham, presents the outbound prospecting cadence as used by our sales team and which broke company records!

Section #9

Ghosted? How to reactivate your closed-lost deals

What can you do when a good prospect turns into a ghost? Find out how to bring your closed-lost deals back to life with Cognism’s guide to ghosting!