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Next Level Data: how top companies are driving growth

We know that for marketers, having control over your lead quality can impact your campaign’s success.

And for sales professionals, one of their biggest challenges is consistently meeting their quota every month.

Did you know only 60% of sales reps regularly meet this goal?

No matter how much experience your entire team has, having reliable B2B data and intuitive tools will always be vital when it comes to getting your offers in front of the right people.


Find out how other companies have found success with Cognism.

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What’s inside?

With this guide, you'll discover:

  • Understanding the challenges faced by sales and marketing teams
  • A discussion with companies who have achieved success with Cognism
  • See the results Cognism has achieved for our customers, including ROI in just 2 days, booking 3x more meetings, generating 10,000 new contacts and reducing prospecting time by 83.3%.
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