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It's a done deal: How forward -thinking companies target and close dream prospects

SaaS leaders: want to learn from real SaaS tech companies?

Faster prospecting, new leads, more SQLs.

How do they do it?

We've spoken to some of the best in tech - read their stories.

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What’s inside?

With our handbook, you'll discover:

  • Challenges faced by sales reps in tech
  • How our customers reduced prospecting time by 83.3% using Cognism
  • Cognism customers who see results like increased outbound sales meetings and outbound sales confidence
  • Engaging with 100,000 new prospects using best-in-class data
  • Powering up ABM using sales intelligence
  • Increasing SQL volume by 80% with our leading data




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The B2B Cold Calling Handbook - 2021 Edition BANNERS V1 FINAL-04-1

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