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In today's market, it's hard to find leads with the budget to buy what you're selling . The Cognism Prospector platform enables you to identify new leads matched to your ideal customer and target them right when they're most likely to buy.

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World's leading globally compliant B2B database

400+ million B2B profiles with full market coverage, globally. Up to 16 data points on each, direct dials & verified emails. 800+ thousand data points refreshed daily.

  • Targeted granularly with hyper-accurate lead data - updated in real time by patented AI technology. 
  • Reach your ideal customer based on a range of person and company filters - SME to Enterprise and everything in between, around the globe.
  • Engage with your prospects through automated & personalised email sequences and outbound calls with a built-in cadencing solution.
  • Seamlessly integrate into your preferred CRM.
  • Enrich the data stored in your CRM and keep it up-to-date and actionable, automatically.

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