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Back from the dead?
Email marketing for revenue growth

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Frank Brooks

Global Demand Generation Manager, dotdigital


Alice de Courcy

Chief Marketing Officer, Cognism

On-Demand Webinar: Recorded Tuesday 4th August, 2-3pm BST

Is email really dead?
How can email compete with newer digital channels?

We invited two revenue growth experts to go head-to-head in this debate webinar. We aimed to resolve the Email vs Digital debate, identifying how to make each channel work to achieve your tailored ambitions.

Listen to the on-demand webinar to hear practical insights on how email can be maximised for revenue growth.

 In this webinar, we discussed: 

  • Making email relevant for 2020
  • How to maximise the performance of email channels
  • Where email succeeds over other channels
  • If email is the channel to focus on, for your ambitions

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