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Marketers: we've got you sorted. Demand generation is all the hype, but delivering true intent marketing - the holy grail! - is a bigger hurdle altogether.

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The Essential Guide to Demand Marketing

OK, so maybe your lead generation is getting the job done. But it won't scale. Your costs will continue to rise as more effective paths to create demand are embraced by the wider marketing world.

 The new essentials for B2B marketers:

  • What demand marketing is
  • How to implement and track a winning strategy
  • The best way to sell this 'hairbrained' idea to your CEO

Marketing Templates

Get started with these essential marketing templates, built on industry knowledge and proven experience. The same templates that our own team used to build (and optimise) our pipeline!


Convert more from nurtures, map out multi-channel campaigns, or book more meetings from inbound. What are you waiting for?

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The Dark Funnel for marketers

This explores real-world examples on paid ads, creating content that demands attention, measuring the dark funnel and more. Cognism CMO Alice de Courcy is joined by Chris Walker, CEO at Refine Labs.

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Switching off Lead Gen

Cognism's marketing leaders discuss how their team splits the funnel - including how to successfully structure ungating content for SMB companies, and how it's run differently for the enterprise market.

Plus: if you're expanding your Dark Funnel strategy, here's a cheat-sheet for your team to start deploying ungated content, building brand awareness and converting more customers.

Email campaigns for demand

The Problem

"We used Google Ads for several years, but recently we found that it wasn’t bringing us any new business. It wasn’t effective for the amount of money we were putting into it.” - J. Burge, AbsoluteSG

The Solution

Outbound email. It's a channel that's incredibly undervalued when it comes to reaching your ideal market to target and engage demand from decision-makers.

"It’s vital to connect with decision makers before they go to market... We discovered 1,500 new prospects in a very short space of time. We were able to move into new markets and expand our offering to a larger and more diverse variety of clients."