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The SaaS Demand Generation Playbook

Over the course of this playbook, we’re going to pull back the veil on SaaS demand generation and give you all the information you need in a simple, easy-to-digest format. There’s no great secret to it - just a 7-step process to help you launch demand generation, right here, right now!

The SaaS Demand Generation Playbook

What’s inside?

Over the course of this guide we will cover:

  • The 7 top SaaS demand generation strategies
  • Practical tips, tricks and tactics 
  • Templates and infographics, and real-world advice from those successfully executing demand gen tactics in SaaS
The SaaS Demand Generation Playbook Contents
Step #1

Know your customer

The first step in the SaaS demand generation journey is knowing who you’re going to target. Your Ideal Customer Profile, or ICP, is a comprehensive description of your perfect customer. Getting this right is crucial.

Step #2

Creating quality content

Now you know who your perfect customer is. The next step is creating content that informs, educates and inspires them. Here’s our crash-course in SaaS content marketing.

Step #3

Activating your content

Creating great content is one thing; getting it to reach the right people is another! We tackle this issue in this section of our demand gen guide.

Step #4

Paid channels

PPC is another seriously effective demand generation tactic. This beginner’s guide will give you everything you need to set up your own PPC campaigns.

Step #5

Email marketing

Email marketing is an essential component of the demand generation engine. It typically works hand-in-hand with your company's B2B lead generation strategy. In this section we explore all the ways you can use email to start generating demand.

Step #6

Nurture your leads

Not every lead you engage via email will convert straight away. Some take time to make a decision. In the meantime, you can carry on building a relationship with them. This process is called lead nurturing. Let’s find out more.

Step #7

Evaluate your data

The final step in the demand generation journey is to optimise your content and campaigns based on data and its insights. Here we explore the SaaS demand generation metrics you need to track.