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Data-Driven Marketing

The rise of B2B marketing tech has empowered marketers to change their MO radically: now, it’s possible to identify niche audiences, create content that speaks directly to their needs and wants, and automate communications across all stages of the buyer’s journey.

In this guide we’re going to unlock our treasure trove of marketing secrets, giving you all the knowledge you need to implement a data-focused, strategic mindset at your company.

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What’s inside?

With this playbook, you'll discover: 

  • How to build a B2B marketing strategy and team from the ground-up.
  • Insights into inbound - SEO, website traffic and PPC.
  • Pro tips for consistent, predictable, revenue-driven content marketing.
  • How to nurture leads successfully with email marketing.
  • A guide to the best free tools in the B2B marketing space.
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Section #1

Marketing data

We’ve identified that data is essential for successful B2B marketing. But why is it necessary for marketers to adopt a data-driven strategy?

Section #2

Marketing strategy

Alice de Courcy, Chief Marketing Officer at Cognism, reflects on her first 100 days in the role. What were her key learnings on the journey from scattergun to predictable?

Section #3

Marketing team

The key to building a performance-centric team is that everyone must own a number that can be traced directly back to revenue. Everyone in the team should understand the business goals and KPIs, and from there, understand the team’s revenue goals, KPIs and metrics.

Section #4

Inbound strategy

Getting on the first page of Google’s results can be even more challenging than it seems. And Google’s ever-changing algorithm never does B2B marketers any favours!