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The complete content marketing playbook

Over the course of this playbook, we’re going to share our content marketing secrets with you. You’ll read all about the tactics that increased our content leads by 240% and took us to page 1 of Google! And best of all, you’ll hear from a world-class panel of B2B content marketers, unmatched anywhere else in the industry.


What’s inside?

What you'll learn: 

  • Building buyer personas
  • Templates for planning your content
  • Blueprint guidance on approaching thought leaders
  • SEO hacks
  • Measuring content ROI
  • Getting to page 1 of Google - organically!
Section #1

Building buyer personas for content marketing

Ardath Albee was named as one of the top B2B content marketing thought leaders by the Content Marketing Institute. In this chapter, Ardath walks us through how to build buyer personas - and use content to activate conversations with prospects and customers.

Ardath Albee, VP Marketing, Modus

Ardath Albee

VP Marketing, Modus
Section #2

Setting goals for your content

Karla Rivershaw is the Head of Marketing at Turtl, the interactive SaaS content creation tool. In this chapter, she’s reveals her tactics for content marketing goal-setting.


Karla Rivershaw

Head of Marketing, Turtl
Section #3

Planning your content for success

Tom Bangay is Director of Content at Juro, the contract collaboration platform. In this chapter, he’s going to divulge the top strategies for B2B content planning.

Tom Bangay, Juro

Tom Bangay

Director of Content, Juro
Section #4

Your guide to getting content contributors

Getting industry thought leaders and influencers to contribute to your content is an essential part of building credibility and trust around your brand. Joe Barron, Content Manager at Cognism, explains how to form a process around this.

Joe Barron, Cognism

Joe Barron

Content Manager, Cognism
Section #5

Writing the perfect B2B content marketing blog

Mike Albert is a content writer specialising in producing articles for B2B and SaaS businesses. In this chapter, he explains how to put together the perfect blog for B2B content marketing.

Mike Albert

Mike Albert

Copywriter for startups
Section #6

SEO hacks

Claire Brenner is a Content Marketing and SEO Manager at G2. She is a specialist in creating and optimising content to increase organic site traffic. In this chapter, Claire shares her top tips for SEO optimisation.

Claire Brenner_G2

Claire Brenner

Growth Marketer, G2
Section #7

Top tips for activating content on social

Writing a blog is one important step in content marketing; optimising it for SEO is another. The next step is promoting your content on social media and getting as many people as possible to engage with it. Jennifer Watson, Social Media Manager at Agorapulse, shares her knowledge.

Jennifer Watson

Jennifer Watson

Social Media Manager, Agorapulse
Section #8

Turning content into revenue - the metrics

Last year, we interviewed Emily Byford, Content Marketing Manager at SaaStock, about the content marketing metrics that matter. In an exclusive for this playbook, we’ve put Emily’s metrics into a useful infographic.

Emily Byford

Emily Byford

Content Marketing Manager, SaaStock
Section #9

Blueprint tactics to claim page 1 Google rankings

It’s the final piece in the content marketing puzzle. Alice de Courcy, Cognism’s Chief Marketing Officer, returns to show us how to build a content marketing big rock that will get you page 1 Google rankings.

Alice de Courcy

Alice de Courcy

CMO, Cognism