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8 Ways to Improve Your Cold Calling Strategy

Cold calling has fallen out of fashion in the era of tech-enabled convenience. But rather than throw in the towel and solely embrace web-based outreach tactics, an integrated, data-driven approach to cold calling can drive business growth. Thanks to modern tools, salespeople can breathe warmth into their cold-calling strategy without slowing down the process.

8 Ways to Improve Your Cold Calling Strategy BANNERS V1-01

What’s inside?

Over the course of this guide we will cover:

  • The 8 key steps of the modern cold-calling process
  • Practical tips, tricks and tactics 
  • Templates and infographics, and real-world advice from those who are seeing success with cold calling every day
8 Ways to Improve Your Cold Calling Strategy BANNERS V1-03
Step #1

Define your objectives

Before you start out, you need to define your objectives and outline a strategy for how to reach them. Planning is essential to keep your efforts focused and results-driven.

Step #2

Product knowledge and value

The one constant when cold calling is your product. Knowing your product will allow you to speak with confidence and authority and demonstrate your belief in its value.

Step #3

Know your prospect

Focus your efforts on a narrow but highly relevant slice of the market. Work out what industry you are selling to; what grade of employee and size of company; and which technologies they use.

Step #4

Positive mental attitude

Chat about positive mental attitude will always sound clichéd, but it is perhaps the most important part of cold calling. Cold calling by its very nature requires resilience and mental fortitude, and these are skills to be practiced.

Step #5

Get them on the phone

You will face two obstacles when trying to get through to your prospect: timing and gatekeepers. Preparing yourself with the tactics needed to overcome these will make all the difference to your cold calling success.

Step #6


Advice to ditch a script entirely is probably misguided, especially when you’re starting out. But better than writing a full-on script is to compile a few set phrases to help you smoothly deliver your introduction, value proposition, a few common technical queries, and your close.

Step #7

Track and analyse

Your cold calls will improve with experience, but data and feedback will accelerate your growth exponentially.

Step #8

Putting it all together

That’s a lot of information! Take time to digest it and steadily build the tips into your cold-calling process.