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Cognism Signatures

#1 Free Email Signature Marketing Platform

The business world runs on email. So turn your email signatures into free ad space today.

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Your next best ad channel

Your buyers spend over six hours a day in their email inboxes. So why not take your ads to them? Right where your competitors can't go. 

With email signature marketing, you can start to get millions of impressions from your most engaged audience. All directly in their inbox. 

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Marketer - add more value. Email signature marketing is:

  • Targeted: Set and dynamically update signatures for different departments, roles and locations
  • Cost effective: Wave goodbye to ad competition and keyword price rises
  • Compliant: Send every email with the latest privacy disclaimer
  • Predictive: Monitor banner click-through rates, uplift conversions and generate ROI
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Turn employee emails into revenue bankers. 

Powered by advanced targeting

  • Your prospects expect tailored experiences. Use email signature automation to serve up snappy messaging and bespoke content. Then watch engagement rates soar.
  • Match email signature campaigns with target audiences, interests, opportunity stage, industry & many more.
  • Start promoting your most important messages in an authentic and personalised way today.
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Supercharge your reach

  • Want to deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right time?
  • We've got you covered. Turn your customer segments, lead lists & user groups into target groups and watch engagement rates skyrocket. 
  • Let prospects know what results you are achieving for customers in their industry. All in a channel that's totally competitor free. 
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Integrated with the tools you use everyday

      • Gmail, Outlook, iOS & Android integrations
      • ActiveDirectory, CRM, Office 365 & G Suite integrations
      • Optimal display on all devices
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Start supercharging your email signatures and turn employee emails into revenue bankers.