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New Cognism users get 25 companies/week as part of their package.

See how Cognism can help you identify ready-to-buy, ideal-fit companies and reach their buying teams when they need you the most.

  • Globally compliant, consent-based B2B intent data
  •  One platform to identify and operationalise intent intelligence across marketing and sales
  • Relevant in the WFH era

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Cognism + Bombora

The problem of activating intent data, solved.


Pick from 7000 intent topics

Access Bombora's taxonomy of 7000 intent topics directly within the Cognism platform. Pick a set of topics that are relevant to your business and generate lists of accounts showing an increased interest in these topics compared to their historical baseline. 

Track the strength of buyer intent and create informed nurture campaigns for every stage of the funnel. Target ideal buyers who are just starting their journey with educational, top-of-the-funnel offers, and give your salespeople access to a list of "low-hanging fruit" accounts who show strong intent to purchase.


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Check against our database of 21M companies

Don't waste time on accounts that aren't the right fit. Prioritise leads with ease and build targeted account lists for successful ABM.

Combine intent data topics with Cognism's firmographic and technographic filters to get an enriched list of companies that match your qualification criteria:

✓ size

✓ revenue

✓ industry

✓ location

✓ technologies

✓ event triggers

and more!


Sift through 400M B2B contacts

To get real value from intent data you need to be able to activate it and use it across the entire organisation. 

With Cognism you'll be able to not only track intent, but also to find verified contact details of key decision-makers in accounts actively considering or looking to purchase a solution like yours.

Integrate the data seamlessly into your workflows: run ABM-focused paid campaigns, build targeted nurture campaigns, send more valuable collateral and most importantly - engage and talk to the right people earlier in their journey, before your competitors do.

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Save time, make better use of your marketing budget and close more revenue

✓ Monitor *real* intent. Track topics, not keywords, taking into account the context of each piece of content your audience consumes. 

✓ Create an integrated conversion funnel across marketing and sales and deliver more value to your prospects at every stage of their journey.  

✓ Combine intent intelligence with Cognism's verified emails and mobile numbers to cut straight to the decision-maker in companies ready to purchase even while WFH. 

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We play nice with popular software you use every day

We integrate with the most popular CRMs.

Export the data in CSV format, send it directly to your CRM, or use our native Cognism Salesforce app to keep your pipeline full and your data fresh.


Worried about compliance?

You don't need to be. 

At Cognism, we maintain a fully compliant, notified database of 400M B2B contacts and 21M companies. We're registered with the ISO, the UK regulator and work with a top legal firm to ensure ongoing compliance.

Our intent data is powered by Bombora, the world's leading B2B intent data provider. Unlike bidstream data providers, Bombora collect consent-based intent signals from their exclusive data co-op.  

With Cognism, you can rest assured you'll always get data that addresses all B2B consent requirements.


1000+ teams drive predictable revenue with Cognism

“I A/B tested Cognism against a market leader, and checked the results on LinkedIn. Nine times out of ten, Cognism’s data was accurate and error-free, and the market leader’s wasn’t.

That tells you everything you need to know - Cognism isn’t just a great data provider, it’s the absolute best on the market.”

Tom Andrews, Revenue Operations Manager

“We receive results daily. Out of all the responses in a given day, approximately 3-4 are favourable, and by favourable I mean the prospects are interested in booking a meeting or ask for more information. With Cognism, we were able to 3x our number of calls every week. Now we’re closing deals all day and we’re able to do a lot more with a lot smaller staff. ”

Arrend Jelsma, VP of Recruiting Operations

It was easy to get the data we needed. All we had to do was fill in a few filters and click a few buttons, and Cognism generated literally thousands of the niche prospects we wanted to target! In terms of the data it offers and the expertise and diligence of its staff, Cognism is the best lead generation platform I’ve worked with.”

Jeff Locke, Operations Team Leader, North America

“In the first 30 days we won new business using Cognism. The tool proved its value right off the bat and we made our money back instantly.

At this point, we're having 15-20 serious conversations per month, all sourced from Cognism’s database and we get a 5X return on our Cognism investment.” 


Brian Scanlon, Owner and CEO

Closing deals is easier when you market and talk to the right people.