B2B outbound: Building an engine for predictable growth

Predictable growth is the goal of most scaling businesses and outbound sales can often be the surest route to success here. But what goes into building this model? In this guide we open our vault and share our secrets to outbound success with you. We'll uncover the processes, tactics and resources we used to predictably grow revenue from $2.5M to $7M ARR in a year.

The Ultimate guide to hacking B2B Lead Generation BANNERS V1 FINAL-07

What’s inside?

Over the course of this exhaustive guide, you'll get: 

  • Processes for building a high-performing outbound sales team
  • The must-track B2B outbound metrics
  • Advice on developing a culture to support your outbound growth engine
  • Cold calling hints, tips and tricks 
  • Cadence templates that convert
  •  World-class advice and guidance from the B2B sales frontline
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Section #1

Your guide to a high-performing outbound team

This is the part where we show you how to structure a B2B outbound team and hire the right individuals to fill that team. Plus, you're going to get top tips and advice from leaders working in some of the world's hottest B2B SaaS companies.

Section #2

Cold calling 101

Cold calling is hard. But there are tactics and frameworks you can put in place to empower your team. Unlock your way to cold calling success today in these ten steps.

Section #3

Objection handling playbook

Objections are inevitable in B2B outbound. But handling these correctly will directly increase your chances of closing a sale. So how do you get started? This section outlines a five-point process you can follow.

Section #4

Building cadences that get responses

Are you looking for very practical ways of improving your outbound sales? We've been busy studying the data from our own team's cadences and we have put together some winning templates that are tried and tested to convert.

Section #5

Perfecting B2B Outbound: top tips from top SDRs

B2B outbound isn't something that you can lock down and set in stone. You have to keep reviewing your processes and continually make adjustments and improvements. Hear from those at the coalface right now.