B2B Data: The fuel for your growth

B2B data is a vital component for fuelling business growth. A revenue team is only as effective as the data it uses. In this guide we cover everything you need to know about B2B data. Plus, we'll give you an overview of all the latest global compliance requirements for B2B data.

The Ultimate guide to hacking B2B Lead Generation BANNERS V1 FINAL-04

What’s inside?

  • Sourcing and maintaining B2B data
  • Calculating your total addressable market
  • A 5 step process for building killer data lists 
  • Key compliance requirements for B2B data
The Ultimate guide to hacking B2B Lead Generation BANNERS V1 FINAL-06
Section #1

B2B data sourcing: top tips

There's no shortage of companies out there providing contact data to B2B businesses. How do you navigate this successfully to ensure you are sourcing the highest-quality B2B data for your business requirements?

Section #2

Total addressable market: what you need to know

Why does TAM matter? If you don't know your TAM, then you don't know how many potential customers are out there, and you don't know how fast your business may grow. TAM enables you to segment your audience into different groups, so you can allocate resources accordingly. It is also often an investor requirement to have a well-thought-out TAM. So how do you go about this process?

Section #3

How to build a killer data list

Powering your revenue team with targeted, intelligent and actionable data lists can be time consuming and difficult. Follow this 5 step process to start building B2B data lists that will delight your team.

Section #4

Keeping your B2B data compliant

As we move into the next decade, countries around the world are following the lead of the EU and bringing in stricter data compliance laws, with harsh penalties for companies who fall foul of them. If you’re working in B2B, it’s essential that you know what you can and can’t do with your data.