How Leadfeeder cut budgets to 30% without impacting pipeline

We sat down with Andy Culligan, CMO at Leadfeeder, to find out how they adapted their marketing after the outbreak of COVID-19. Starting with webinars, the Leadfeeder team found cheaper methods to fuel their pipeline, while overhauling their paid acquisition strategy across LinkedIn and Google to improve efficiency.


What’s this?

A 15-minute interview focused on success stories from 2020, sharing how Leadfeeder responded to crisis:

  • The fundamentals of remote leadership
  • How to help your inbound engine stay afloat
  • Adapting to reduced budgets

How we refueled our inbound engine, with only 30% of our normal budget

Andy Culligan shares the story of how Leadfeeder adjusted their content and paid acquisition in response to the 2020 quarantine.


Andy Culligan

CMO, Leadfeeder