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ABM Beyond the Hype: How to get started today

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Owen Steer

Owen Steer

ABM Specialist, Punch!

Nick Mason

Nick Mason

Founder, Turtl

Joe Birkedale

Joe Birkedale

Founder & CEO, Project36

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Account Based Marketing might be an industry buzzword, but what is a true ABM strategy?

In its essence an ABM strategy involves identifying high value accounts or prospects, targeting the key stakeholders and then implementing a highly personalised marketing strategy to appeal to their specific needs.

It sounds simple but an effective ABM strategy requires a real change of thinking and is not, simply targeting key accounts.

In this live broadcast, we discuss:

  • What a good ABM campaign looks like
  • What channels you can look to use
  • What tech is out there to help
  • How you can measure the success of your ABM campaigns
  • How best to align with sales