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Get your hands on 25 enriched leads from our team, and let the data speak for itself...

Our data is:

  •  GDPR compliant, ensuring maximum compliance 
  •  47m+ mobile numbers strong in the US alone 
  •  The most complete B2B data you can find in Europe
Pilot our data - completely free of charge.

Over 2000 revenue teams use Cognism to connect with confidence and exceed quota.

Here are some of their results👇

Competitor results


Thousands of calls, hundreds of customers, tens of completed surveys, one prevailing champion

Picking a new B2B data provider to replace or complement your existing one isn't a walk in the park. But we're here to make your evaluation a little easier.

Cognism has consistently impressed evaluators and buying teams. We know that's easy for us to say - so we've pinpointed the most common reasons why, with a little help from our customers. 👇

 98% accurate, manually verified mobile data 

The faster you connect with the right decision-makers, the faster you can hit your revenue goals. And we do "fast and precise" like no one else. 

Our dedicated team manually verifies the accuracy of your prospects’ mobile numbers, turning your dials into deals, every day.

When your reps use our phone-verified data, they're 98% sure to get connected to the right person.

That's a level of accuracy you won't find elsewhere.

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 69% of our customers see ROI in 6 months or less. 

Think of your best metric. Think of it doubled, tripled, or even sevenfold.

Think of achieving it in 6 months or less.

Pinpoint your target accounts with our phone-verified, GDPR-compliant data and exceed expectations, every time.

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 Compliant by nature. It’s a Cognism thing. 

Our global database offers complete compliance with evolving international privacy laws, helping you to connect & close with complete confidence.



✓Notified database


 Familiar interface - a definite plus! 

Maintaining an intuitive and un-complicated platform that doesn’t distract your sellers from what’s most important to you is a priority for us.

With a low learning curve and simple workflows, your teams, no matter how large or widespread will have no issue adopting Cognism into their every day, delivering value from the very beginning.

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Mobile data worth shouting about...

increase in reach
increase in conversation rate
less calls needed for better results
less attempts to get through a cold call list
increase in reach
increase in conversation rate
less attempts to get through a cold call list
less calls needed for better results

...or you can hear it directly from our customers

Put our data to the test.

Request your 25 targeted leads, and learn how Cognism can help you get the same result with 80% fewer calls.

Skyrocket your sales

Cognism serves you with a global database that delivers from day one. Access a wealth of accurate data points that turn calls into conversation.  

New standards of compliance

Easy to use and fast to adopt, GDPR & CCPA compliant. Notified database. DNC lists. Straightforward opt-out process.